I’m Yemi

A Lettering Artist and Designer

I tell fascinating stories with Afrocentric lettering. My work entails rhythmic hand-drawn illustrations and highly captivating wordmarks. Want to build emotional connection with your audience?

Yemi speaking at tech event
Participants at tech event

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Having spent more than a decade creating lovable designs for brands, I now share knowledge and experiences acquired over the years with upcoming designers. Need to use my guidance?

My services

Strategy & Design

As a seasoned creative professional, I  bring years of hands-on experience to your project. I provide value by offering solution to business problems through tested strategy and design.

Art directing an album cover

Art Direction

Whenever I put on my art directing hat, the creative juice flows in different directions. My storytelling style is unique and relatable – a dose of creativity spiced with loads of emotions.

Design Workshop

I love to teach; it feels natural to me. My approach is a mix of in-depth theoretical understanding and practical knowledge. If you desire the best of both worlds, you’ll be in good hands. 

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